Welcome to Anderson Professional Services

Welcome to Anderson Professional Services with locations in Sioux City and Cherokee!
COVID-19 Stimulus payment 
For information on your payment
please copy and paste this link.
Please do not call with questions regarding your stimulus payment.
Please understand that we do not have access to that information.
Thank you.
What should you bring to your appointment?
What’s new for 2019?
New client?
Or want to drop off or upload your information with a shorter follow up appointment?


We are also located at 221 East Main Street in Cherokee (can park and enter in the back of the building off of East Maple Street).  We will be offering appointment hours in Cherokee on Wednesdays and some Saturdays during tax season.  If these hours do not work for you, you can simply upload your documents to our secure web portal, fill out the organizer worksheet and we will call you with a follow up appointment to get any missing information; or we would love to see you at our Sioux City office.  Cherokee Office:  712-225-9027

If you typically mail/fax us your information you can now upload your documents to our secure portal at https://andersonps.securefilepro.com

Please call the office for log on instructions.

Click here to see if you qualify for Head of household status.

We ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT file your tax return without the following:

  • Driver’s License and Social Security Cards
  • For all Children bring SS cards
  • If receiving EITC – proof that children reside with you (something with their name and YOUR address from school, medical provider, employer, daycare, etc)
  • If EITC and self-employed – receipts of income & expense
  • If claiming college expenses— Form 1098T from college AND
  • Detailed Account Summary from college showing expenses actually paid (you can usually access this from students online account. Please have printed and bring with you. Do not wait to attempt for the first time to log on and view it from our office- this takes up valuable time during your appointment.
  • If student received scholarships – bring details of eligible expenses that can be paid for with the funds.
  • If claiming child that doesn’t live with you will need a signed form 8332 from the custodial parent. (you can find one to download and print on our website at apssiouxland.com.)


If you are unable to keep your appointment please give us 24 hour notice to avoid an $85 missed appointment fee. Unfortunately our time is very limited during tax season; we send this letter to help you properly prepare for your appointment. If we are unable to complete your return during your appointment because you were improperly prepared we will have to charge for the follow-up appointment.